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Bye Bye Birdie

May 5-14, 2023

Click HERE to buy tickets.  Please note that the opening Saturday is pay what you can with a min. $1.00.  There will be no option to purchase these online.  You will need to purchase these at the Box Office.  

This season promises something for everyone!

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Little Theater of Gastonia, one of Gaston County’s leading not-for-profit theatres, is a non-profit community theater, founded in 1950.

Little Theater of Gastonia has a long tradition in Gaston County producing a wide variety of plays and musicals every season which feature local talent from the community. The main season runs fall to spring, with a youth program in the summer.


Little Theater of Gastonia is a non-profit volunteer driven civic organization that endeavors to enrich all participants and partners in Gaston County through the theater arts in the spirit of excellence, community, education, and collaboration and bring the excitement of live performance to our patrons by providing quality productions that engage, inspire, challenge, and entertain audiences and enhance our society.

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Vice President

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Executive Director

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Little Theater of GastoniaBoard of Directors

The Board of Directors of The Little Theater of Gastonia is a diverse body of individuals that reside in Gaston County and the surrounding areas of the region. All board members are volunteers who are the caretakers and fiducially responsible persons of the Little Theater including its programming and its property. 

The Board of Directors work to preserve the rich history and tradition of the theater while making sure the theater continues to progress so that its offerings are up-to-date and relevant. The Board of Director’s main goal is to ensure that the theater a true community theater where all feel safe and welcome and offers a variety of productions and events that would appeal to and represent our many different people. The Board of Directors is working to find ways to break down barriers that would keep individuals from attending or participating in the theater’s productions and events. The Board of Directors recognizes and strives to communicate how important the arts are for purposes of culture, education, mental health, community, and  relationship building in addition to entertainment and leisure. 



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